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Proven Steps on How to Get That Girl Now

Recently a reader sent me a simple question that asked for advice on "how to get that girl now". While I teach a variety of ways to meet and attract women, it's often hard to tell a guy what to do in every particular situation. However there are a few proven methods that can teach you how to get that girl now which can be applied to virtually any situation. Step 1- Read her body language Many guys fail with women because they don't take the time to read their body language before initiating a conversation.

Just by taking to a few minutes to observe a woman, you can tell if she's open to being approached and will interested in a conversation. One trick is to make eye contact with her and then smile. If she smiles back, then this is a big indicator that she wants you to come over and talk to her. Step 2- Know how to approach her Your first step to getting a girl to like you is to know how to approach her. While most guys use pick up lines, your objective is to use an opener, which will make her interested in you. Some ways to use an opener can include asking a question, requesting an opinion, or giving a genuine compliment.

In order to increase your chances of success with this woman, you have to make her interested in you. So make your opener is a good one! Step 3- Talk about fun topics When talking to a woman, it's important to discuss things which are interesting AND engaging. Don't ask standard questions like where she works or where she grew up, instead ask topics that require a bit of thought. If you can make these questions different from other guys, you'll set yourself up as being a unique personality Step 4- Discuss sex The one technique that separates the men from the boys is being able to bring up the topic of sex into a conversation. By doing this, you're able to discuss sex in a non-threatening manner while introducing the concept in her mind.

At the subconscious level you're making her wonder what it will like to have sex with you. Step 5- Initiate physical contact One way to build attraction with a woman is to touch her throughout your conversation. If you can lightly touch her on the shoulder to emphasize a point or lightly swat her in a teasing way, you've broken through the barrier of touching. Once this is done, a woman will probably touch you back and the two of you will have established physical rapport.

Step 6- Close the deal Know how to get that girl now means you have to establish your outcome before initiating contact. If you want to get her number and set up the date, then you build your conversation towards this goal. On the other hand, if you're looking to get laid, then you should focus on increasing physical contact and the sexual innuendos. Then look for an opportunity to invite her back to your place. So in order to close the deal, you have to first establish a goal then work towards it.

If you're serious about learning how to get that girl now, you should pay close attention to these six proven techniques I talked about in this article. By memorizing these steps and then using them, you'll definitely see positive results when you're trying to impress that one special woman.

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6 Proven Steps on How to Get That Girl Now

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