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The Slow And Sexy Kiss

The kiss is a stamp of your love. It is a way of showing your love, your care, and your affections to your partner. While you kiss the tension in your lip should neither be overtly tight or too loose. If it is too loose, it will look frivolous and lazy and if you are too tight it could sense your nervousness and self consciousness.

In a humorous note, kissing is like posting an application at the top for the position at the base. Don't look at kissing as a route towards excellent sex. Kissing by itself is an act of pleasure which may or may not lead to sex. Let's look at the basic kiss: See that your lips are moist.

You need to get your lips wet by running your tongue once over them before you kiss. Stand close to your partner. As your lips get closer, incline your head slightly to one side just enough so your nose is out of the way of theirs. See the direction in which your partner is tilting her head and you can tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction.

Ideally your nose should touch her cheek as your lips make contact. When you touch the other person's lips and you stretch your tongue out a bit, your mouths will instinctively open up. Open your mouth slightly and place your lips gently over her lips. Move your lips in a slow circular motion or just leave them still and suck the lower lips gently and succulently.

Just before your lips meet, close your eyes. When you close your eyes you are concentrating on the pleasure of being intimate with your partner's lips. You can look directly at her eyes as you kiss or break the kiss, but the process of kiss should be savored with closed eyes as you 'feel' the pleasurable sensations with your eyes closed.

While kissing, you can put one hand on your partner's waist and the other against the middle of their back. You can cup her face in your hands, put them around their waist, put them around your partner's neck, hold her upper or lower arms or run your fingers through her hair. If you are nervous about the first kiss and would like to go for a 'care for you a lot' or 'miss you' kiss rather than the erotic kiss, then you can go for the 'closed kisses'. Here instead of opening your lips, you keep them closed.

This is also a good way of letting your partner know that you respect her boundaries but still you love her and feel that she is one special person in your life. In the French kiss, the tongue has a more considerable role, than the lips which is why you part your lips slightly. Once you have started kissing, you should slip your tongue in hers or vice versa. Don't let your tongue go limp but play it around hers or playfully her tongue out with yours. Push her tongue back into yours and so on.

Tongue wrestle playfully. Circle the tip of your tongue around the tip of hers. Repeat her actions if she moves her tongue differently. Play tango with her tongue. If she flicks her tongue over yours, or if she thrusts her tongue inside your mouth, repeat the same action. The romantic kiss: When your lips meet, keep them parted slightly and press gently against your partner's lips.

Tilt your head slightly to one side, so that your nose does not get in the way. The next step is intention. Give a slight peck on the lips and move away. Don't move in haste, drift away slowly all the while holding her hands and look deep into her eyes. The passionate kiss: If it is a more intimate kiss, then linger your lips around hers for a while. Then suck the upper lip and the lower lip.

Again the intensity of the kiss should be decided by your comfort level. Having tested her lips, you can explore further-just lick them together and slightly caress the areas around her mouth or as the sexologists call it, oral region. The kiss value can be enhanced by devouring a chocolate or any other succulent fruit. Keep a piece of chocolate in your mouth and keep on transferring it to her mouth and back again till the chocolate melts and you are madly sucking each other's tongue. The perfect kiss: The perfect kiss starts out slowly and picks up as you become involved. A good kiss will flow, it does not stand and it does not end abruptly.

Each peck has to be relished and enjoyed. Each kiss should be gentle and easy. Caress her face or give a gentle hug. It will be one of the pleasurable experiences you will have.

Lean over to smell your partner's hair. The moment the tip of your nose touches her hair, kiss your partner's head. Gently go to the ear. Nibble the rim of the ear with your lips and breathe gently. Purr in her ears.

Utter sexy sweet nothings. Switch to the neck. Plunge into the nape and gently bite the skin there. With a series of little bites, make your way to the corner of the lips. Lift your lips slightly away and zero in.

Hunter Crowell is a researcher, marketer, avid kisser & creator of French Kissing Techniques, a site setup to help everyone find useful and accurate information related to being a great kisser. Visit his site at http://www.how-to-kiss-explained.com

The Slow And Sexy Kiss

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