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Ways To Organize Your Bridal Shower

Traditionally, it was the duty of the maid of honor to put together a bridal shower. These days, laying the duty on one person alone isn't always done. Sometimes the maid of honor will collaborate with the other brides maids, or family members, in order to put together that special bridal shower. It can still be confusing to put together a shower.

Where does one start? Planning and organization is key to having a successful event. It only takes a handful of ideas and knowing a few essential tools to putting it all together. Collaborate with the Bride Come on. It's not like a bridal shower is any sort of secret any more. She's going to know it is coming up.

That doesn't mean you can't keep a few surprises for the bridal shower. It just means you will be better prepared. What you might want to do right off is let the bride know you are planning a bridal shower. You don't have to say what your plans are, but it will help to get her opinion on things. This is especially important regarding two things: The date and the invitation list.

The right date and time she might be available will be very important to learn, and very hard to decipher unless you happen to be with the bride every day, all the time. With the bride's help, you can help plan around when she might work, or plan to pick out a dress, or another party to go to, etc. Ask her what dates are open. The invitation list is another example of what you'll need to consult the bride on. You'll assume to send an invitation to every female in the wedding invitation list, and of course you'll want to ask the bride about it too. She might have a few opinions about whom she would like to see there.

If you are trying to plan early, you'll want to send out bridal shower invitations after the wedding invitations have been sent out. If it is a huge wedding guest list, ask the bride to select 20 or 30 guests from the list for her shower. Bridal showers tend to be smaller events, with just close friends and family.

If the bride has many close friends, it might be better to ask a couple of people to help with the planning and paying for the bridal shower. You could also hold separate showers for different groups. Let the family have one and then have one for the friends. Beyond this, you can pretty much plan the rest on your own. Though now that the bride knows about when and who will be there, if you ever have a question about what she might like, or won't like, you can ask her about it.

The rest will be up to you. Types of Bridal Showers There have been all sorts of bridal showers held. It is no longer just a dinner, or a tea party out in the garden. These are perfectly fine parties, and if you think the bride will enjoy them, it is great to have them. However, there are alternatives to the traditional to consider too.

Bellow are some ideas for themes. Remember, a traditional bridal shower is about two to three hours. That doesn't mean you couldn't plan something special with the bride and few of her closer friends for afterwards, the rest of the day, or all night. A few types of bridal showers: Spa Style - Plan a get away with the bride and her friends.

The bride is sure to appreciate a nice day at the spa and a massage, an herbal wrap, or a long soak in a mud bath. It's even more fun with friends. Wine Tasting - Wineries are prepared for group tours and wine-tasting events, so consulting with a winery for a bridal shower seems to be a good match. Find out the bride's favorite types of wine and let the winery know.

Sleepovers - This is one that is both cute and where everyone will have plenty of time to enjoy, and might fit in better with a busy bride. One evening, gather all the friends and close family members for a movie and good old-fashioned sleepover. Remember to plan a few things to do, because who sleeps at sleepovers anyway? Theme Parks - Many theme parks accommodate group activities, and you can ask them about setting up a special section of the park with a table for the special get together. Then plan on dispersing afterwards to enjoy the park.

Zoos and museums do this too. Call ahead and ask about special event planning. These are only a few ideas. Of course you might have your own, depending on the bride's tastes. Don't forget to ask for suggestions from the bride's maids as well.

When it comes time to put it all together, it will especially be helpful to including the bride's maids in the collaboration. Putting A Bridal Shower Together The only things left to plan after doing all of the above comes in a simple format: - Calling venues to set dates at the desired location - Getting invitations put together and out - Decorations - if any are needed - Games and activities - depends on the location - Menus - Shower favors It seems pretty easy after the essential planning. You can ask the bride's maids or the family members to help out with the rest if you need to. It also helps when splitting the budget. Remember to have anyone you have helping you keep you informed.

Make sure to let them know how many people are invited, and if there are ever any changes in your planning. Decorations don't always need to be completed. If you are having a spa event or your occasion is at a location like a theme park, those locations might already be able to set up tables and chairs for the guests, and they might have decorations designed just for bridal showers.

Ask the venue if they make any preparations for events before you set up something. If they don't, it is easy enough to get simple table decorations, banners and other items together. You can find most of the items online, and they can be relatively inexpensive. Games and activities vary of course. You could play a few games at the table to get to know one another better.

General icebreakers while together at the table helps. Again if you are at a theme park or spa, it will not take much planning as far as activities. Menus also depend on location.

Ask the venue if they do this sort of thing, or have recommendations. Also ask if they have any restrictions in case you are planning to bring the food yourself. Some places restrict any red or purple drinks that could easily spill on expensive carpets. If you are on a budget or want to save money for other things, ask the bride's maids or family of the bride to bring one dish to share each. A pot luck dinner with favorites of good food will help bring the group closer, and opens up a world of conversation to talk about.

The last, but certainly not least, are the bridal shower favors. Favors also can be purchased online. They are far from little mirrors in cases, or fans, although those are readily available as well. You'll find all sorts of little favors, like mini spa baskets, glass vases, engraved key chains or even candles. Some more popular favors are also practical, like cookie cutters in cute shapes, or CD cases.

Once you have a plan in place, it is easy to become organized and put it all together. You can keep it as simple and as budget friendly as you want to, and still make it great. Remember, it isn't about expense or location, it's a day spent together with the bride and showing her a good time with some of her closest friends and family.

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Ways To Organize Your Bridal Shower

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